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Evangelist Taj Pacleb was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Growing up with no Christian background, Taj got involved in a life with no purpose & direction. While in high school, Taj’s nickname was “the Chronic”, a reference to his love for marijuana and partying. But at age 16, he was invited to a prophecy seminar where the Word of God was able to penetrate his clouded mind. Through those meetings, he saw that what Christ had to offer was so much more satisfying and fulfilling than what this world had to offer with its vain pleasures. Through one prayer God set him completely free from that destructive lifestyle and gave him a new high that no drug could ever compare with: Knowing Jesus and making Him known to others. Currently he is living out his dream and calling by serving God as a public evangelist and revivalist, holding seminars across California. He has had the opportunity of presenting life-changing messages from God’s word on four different continents and in many other locations in the United States helping others find the fulfillment that he found in Jesus Christ. Taj enjoys dirt bike riding, body boarding, snowboarding, scuba diving, back packing, photography, music, and traveling the world. He and his wife Wati, live in Fresno, California.

A team in Ministry

Wati Pacleb was born in Fiji and raised in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui. After graduating from SOULS West Leadership School she served as a teacher/leader for SOULS West. She has extensive experience in Bible work, colporteuring, and personal ministry. The Lord has given her the opportunity to lead in 8 different magabook programs throughout the US. She loves spending quality time with family and friends and has a special gift in connecting with people. As a Registered Nurse and a trained Health Coach/Medical Missionary, Wati’s passion it to combine the proclamation of the gospel with the healing ministry of Jesus.

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The Revelation of Hope Singers

History: In 2009, the Lord brought four musicians souls together to His church in Waianae, HI.  Jackie Esposo, Taylor Fa'aiu and Sivasa Laupati were a part of an evangelistic effort on the island of Oahu in June of 2009.  There they helped to minister to their brothers and sisters in Christ through the gift of music.  The music helped to ready the hearts of the people to hear God's spoken word and they sang as a closing to it's powerful message.  The group was later joined by brother Beejay Crisostomo who was drawn to church for the music but rededicated his life to Christ for the word of God.  Since then, the Revelation Of Hope Singers helped minister at various church gatherings, conference campmeetings, evangelistic seminars, and Bible Camps such as ARME Bible Camp.  The group recorded their first album entitled "The Revelation of Hope" in August of 2009. They were also joined by vocalist Ramona Rivera who as one of the group members says, "brings a spark to the group". Together, "The Revelation Of Hope Singers" travel all around the world alongside Evangelist Taj Pacleb and his wife Wati, to preach and sing the good news of God's love and His Son's soon return.  "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" -Matthew 28:19



For nine years, “Beejay” was the lead singer of a well-known Hawaiian reggae band.  Dreams of fame and fortune had finally come into play and he was well on his way to being a musical icon.  While on the road to stardom, Beejay found his self at the foot of the cross one night in God’s house.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, Beejay left his band and answered God’s call to spread the gospel.  As a part of the Revelation of Hope singers, he helps spread the good news through musical ministry.  One of the songs entitled “Beejay’s Song” is a piece he wrote about his struggle to find truth and eventually finding it.  This is his testimony and ultimate praise to the God of wonders. Beejay graduated from AFCOE (Amazing Facts Collage of Evangelism) in May of 2010 and is singing & doing Bible work with evangelist Taj Pacleb.  Beejay sings second tenor and baritone with the group.

“I always believed he had the gift of music.  I saw this gift at it’s full potential when singing praises to God.” - Keoki Gandeza

Robert “Beejay” Crisostomo Jr.

Taylor Faaui

Brother Taylor is also a graduate of the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism (AFCOE).  When he isn't singing with the group, he is a leader in his home church in Portland, OR. He also accepts invitations to speak and sing the gospel truth wherever he's invited.  Taylor sings 2nd tenor and bass for the group and is also the praise worship leader.

Sivasa “Vasa” Laupati

Jackie Jewel Cunningham

Ramona Rivera

Jackie began playing piano around three and a half years old under the guidance of her mother, and first teacher, Carel Esposo.   She’s been a member of several singing ministry groups including “Children of the King”, “The Advent Singers” and most recently the “Revelation of Hope Singers”.  Jackie plays for neighboring churches, choirs and schools and teaches music as well.  Jackie’s gift of piano playing is a beautiful example of God’s love and her voice is the Holy Spirit’s sweet compliment.  Jackie studied Music Performance at P.U.C., C.U.C. and Andrews University.  She also studied nursing and received her degree from Fresno City College and is a graduate of AFCOE. Her goal is to share God’s love with others through the gift of music.  “Jackie has the ability to uplift one’s spirit with just one quick run on the keys…her voice is soothing to the ears and to the soul…God has truly blessed her with a gift that should be shared with the entire world.” - Lalee Malqued

Forced to sing one Sabbath morning, “Vasa” was taken onstage by his mother.  She put a microphone in his hand and at that moment, the stubborn little boy fell in love with music.  Vasa studied Religion at P.U.C., De Anza College and finished his schooling at La Sierra University.  Although he enjoyed singing with others, he is usually found strumming his ukulele and singing old Samoan hymns and choruses.  Vasa is a Youth advisor to his youth group, “Unit 133” and sings as a leading first tenor with his family based male acapella chorus known as “A Few Good Men”. Alongside singing, Vasa also writes and composes his own music.  The song “Sweet Paradise” was written in loving memory of his grandfather, Filipo Lepulu, Sr.

Ramona graduated from La Sierra University and Colombia University with various degrees in Music including Musical Performance and teaching.  Ramona has traveled the world with different ministerial groups including the La Sierra University Octet.  Ramona merges her musical knowledge with Jackie to help bring a more crisp and controlled sound to our group as well as teaching the group the theory of music.  Ramona sings Alto and Soprano.